However, he soon found himself writing talent

louis vuitton history

July 10, 1940, the French Third Republic ceased to exist, and Marshal Petain headed by the fascist government in Vichy on stage. This day not only the demise of the Republic, the French tradition of the slogan equality, fraternity has died out, replaced by work, family, motherland has become the Queen brand logo of the French court, the demise of not just a slogan, it is an era of integrity

On the morning of March 18, 1942, Henry Vuitton wearing a buckle from London gray tweed vest, standing Petain Marshal the adjutant Bo Nuoman Colonel door. At this point, Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags he remembered his great grandfather, the founder of the LV Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton bags).

The mid 19th century, the mill workers, from the Jura Mountains With a vision of success, to leave the home, from scratch to create their own careers. From production, sales box bags, and finally a wide range of accessories, his products are always doing more refined than others, so by the favorite of the rich and powerful people at the time.

Henry then thought of his ancestors: Louis Vuitton son George and his father Caston Vuitton, they led the LV into a more glorious era. high quality designer replica handbags wholesale Marshal Office carpeted corridor, Henry secretly determined: one day I want to take over the LV company. At this point, the young hands of management Tracy factories and Garden Hotel not far from Vichy the underlying LV store.

Bo Nuoman Colonel opened the door with a warm smile to greet Henry, Henry was ready, he knows that he must convince this puppet heads of the assistants, in order to win his trust. For him, this is not just a rare opportunity in the situation at that time, this opportunity is essential the development of LV company. Because he grew to know the fate of the merchant is always rests in the hands of customers.

Henry entered the room with a faint smile.

Puppet of the the French court of Queen high quality designer replica handbags luggage brand transformed into a German puppet regime army suppliers. Tracy plant completely stopped the production of bags and other luxury goods, specializes in providing all kinds of propaganda art mainly to Petain Marshal sculpture. This is completely different from Paris Asnieres factory, where ongoing production is under the pressure of the German occupiers. Cooperation with the Vichy government, but it is strongly facilitated by the Vuitton family as a whole. This decision shows the businessman seeking nature, it also brings the glory of the Vuitton family in Vichy. By virtue of the close ties with the puppet government, the LV completely beyond the contemporary competitors.

The Vichy government propaganda bureau Illustrated called France eternal charm on the page, saddlery suppliers, including Hermes and other large companies appear together, but just not Louis. Vuitton. It has been found under the heading of this passage: century old company has been adhering to the satisfaction of guests principle of service management company. However, in this troubled times 1:1 replica handbags , they have been unable to fulfill this commitment in this, their long to trust them, and support for their guests to express their apologies, and guests to ensure that during this difficult period, they will do their utmost to ensure the products of leather, style and high standards of quality. the winter of 1941 to 1942, the luxury goods industry difficult, Hermes has no leather, and it even the windows were lent to antique dealers; impressively posted on the store shelves out of stock notices. Only the LV is still to continue production, and it certainly does not appear in the near collapse of the company advertising, as it has bid farewell to the leather Committee, to concentrate on production of the statue of the leader. LV and Petain Marshal cabinet intimate relationship so that it does not require any outside help. As it advocated in the future, it has its fake designer bags own way happily through this special period.

May 1, 1942, Henry Vuitton in Bo Nuoman strongly recommend Colonel under, on the occasion of the May Day with the shell when the marshal visit to France to demonstrate the values and standards of the handicraft industry. Petain Marshal, Admiral Platon, Booth cover, Bonuo Man Colonel, etc. The list of travel of the travel.

It is worth noting that this list each person experience is not simple. Admiral Platon is an extreme anti Charles de Gaulle and the anti British, when he was Minister of State and the Anti Masonic police chief. Booth cover the police station in the Secretary General, he was during World War II and the German central figure of the French collaborators Group Thiers trip two months later, July 2, 1942, he represented Laval The fake louis bag Seoul government and Germany most senior officials reached an agreement to deliver tens of millions of Jews to Germany. To this end, he ordered several major arrests, 12,884 Jews were arrested, including 4051 children. The children were transferred to the Nazi concentration camps, no survivors.

Colonel Bo Nuoman close contact with the Vuitton family, significantly more than that. Formal meeting with Henry Vuitton Bonuo Man 1942 schedule up to 30 times, this figure may help us understand the relationship between these two men as well as the Vuitton family and the Vichy government close. Meeting place of the two is sometimes a colonel in the Garden Hotel 131 office, sometimes in LV, and sometimes after the 22:00 in the garden, the hotel bar or Sang Tela bistro. The correspondence of the many letters BPI Vuitton a production printed puppet labeled vases, pens, medals, and a variety of small statues, busts, etc. cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk , all kinds of Marshal portraits. LV ensure products reach their destination intact, and sometimes Henry Vuitton personally delivery. A lot of people worried about, trying to keep as much as possible, especially Henry Vuitton. April 23, 1943, Henry Vuitton leave Vichy father Caston Vuitton recall back to Paris.

The Vichy Marshal cabinet began to worry that Germany lost the war going to happen. Various warnings follow. For example, a letter is classified as secret letter warning of the Vichy government to support the Government list be published in the official newspaper, in which the civil servants will be dismissed. There are rumors, these people will be deprived of French nationality, and personal property will be confiscated.

A people more shocked anonymous letter was published in the on September 16, 1943, are luggage packing workers, the following is from August 19th to the 25th payroll. But pay a heavy labor only in exchange for the poor wages, the daily handling of luggage in the 100 170 kg, while take a look at our famous boss, Field Marshal friends, how he treated us This is why we joined the Communist Party. to an art packaging and transport professionals Pierre Scotia efforts to explain, 100 kg box is usually installed in the desk, or copper, or gypsum produced small sculptures. were a lot of French companies and the puppet government worked. There are two reporters with more than four years to do research, then wrote the book of business owners in a period called They believe that business owner has their own personality, ideas, individual, national and corporate interests (and shareholders) need to defend his understanding of the responsibility is different and we can not do not understand for their decision making under the definition. analysis of the Vichy regime, Robert Pike, Dayton explanation, Frenchman showed great indifference as negative with the German partners to think that rather than put themselves in danger, it is better to continue the work of their own these words is a good overview of most of the French luxury goods company, such as the behavior of high fashion, jewelry, perfume, watches, leather and crystal products during the war. LV experience should be special. During the occupation, LV is not only perfect in defeat unbearable economic and political situation of self protection, but also for the cooperation of government seek refuge in Germany started the production of official supplies factory. According to the Paris Asnieres plant record card, can be seen during the war LV produced all lighters, playing cards, pipe, pipe, pens, documents, folders, whistle, comb, tie clip, pilot badge, wallet and other Government, the object of military supply, no luggage, no high end products.

During this period, Louis Vuitton, spare no effort to show their dominant position in the production of cheap goods. Although the production processes of these products with the Vuitton family system box process it is not, despite the skills of workers is not in this.

After the war, those who had betrayed France, there are collaborators or collaborating with the occupation over the Frenchman will be faced with a legal allegations. Death, imprisonment, deprivation of civil rights trial, one replica louis vuitton bags from china after another. Each other, exposing the boom of this disgusting, sometimes innocent people are being wronged, Vuitton and his son even spared. From the national archives do not see any prosecution Caston Vuitton and Henry Vuitton records, truly incredible.

Gradually began to improve, the 1946 French luxury goods company, the Government has shown great concern. LV company has been foreseen that, in April Caston Vuitton establish an association, named the for the This association of high society party, also presided over the seminar. Such as a theme on October 26, 1946, luxury of the future seminar, he said, believe that the fur will reduce a woman pain, including child delivery from hunting in northern Canada to Paris. fur to feed a group of replica louis vuitton bags people, we can not deny this fact.

The same period, the Vuitton Tower penthouse apartment, Henri Vuitton, the history Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags of the family again to flourish in his own way. He drafted a book writing project. However, he soon found himself writing talent.

trunk come out cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk in 1984, which describes the experience of a suitcase hand made family with courage and determination across various historical periods. Henry in the book about the historical events experienced in the development process of the family business, but has remained silent for the company during the war, Henry Vuitton.

He very carefully avoided Vuitton services in the experience of the Vichy government, there is no glorification of General de Gaulle, but talked about the status of the post liberation: thousands of Frenchman, the final in Asnieres family brought together one. experienced such a period, the home of each individual are trying to forget about the risk of experienced, disturbed and dangerous. Although the kitchens, factories, shops have been looted an empty , but for everyone in the home This is a happy moment tomorrow, we will rebuild everything. this book, Henry Vuitton in its own way interpretation of history, and made a memory box. This box has a secret drawer, maybe he is the sole owner of the drawer key.

LouisVuitton1821 was born in eastern France Franche Comte province.

In 1837, at the age of 16 LouisVuitton fleeing their homes, to Paris to the peerage about my packing.

In Paris in 1854, he opened the first named after me between suitcase shop. A century later, vuitton become suitcases and leather goods around the world in the field of the first brand, and become a symbol of the society. Its the value of the brand as we americans in the heart of maotai.

In 1852, napoleon iii was, LouisVuitton was chosen for the queen royal bundle of work, from now on in high society.

In 1852, Louis vuitton revolutionary created a flat roof leather box to, and in Paris at the first shop. Like today, his design soon be copied, flat roofed square suitcase become trend. replica louis vuitton handbags Louis vuitton suitcase is with the first gray canvas face,

1896, Louis vuitton, the son of the father name with George w L and V cooperate with flower design, design today still achieved international interweaving of letters printed on canvas sheet (MonogramCanvas) style. From the design the first now, printed with vuitton symbol of this unique pattern of the intertwined letters canvas bag, with rich legend and elegant design and become the classics of the fashion. For 100 years, the world has experienced many change, people pursuit and aesthetic idea change with it, but the Louis vuitton not only outstanding reputation, and keep the incomparable glamour.

In 1992, Louis vuitton first landed in China, wang peninsula hotel in Beijing to open a branch in aaa replica designer handbags the first region in mainland China.

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